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Top Business Challenges We’re Solving for Product Leaders:

  • Viable XaaS Offers
  • XaaS Pricing Strategies
  • Compelling Digital Experience
  • XaaS Portfolio Lifecycle Management
  • Product Management and Customer Success Handshake
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Achieving Growth, Scalability, & Profitability in an as-a-service (XaaS) Business

It's really important to me that Blackbaud is a part of the product management research discipline with TSIA because there's so much great research that's coming out right now, not only for all of our customer success and sales and renewal functions, but how critical product is to how we think about bringing value to market.


The State of XaaS Product Management 2022

"The State of XaaS Product Management" is an annual report documenting current XaaS/SaaS product management trends and disruptions.

This year's report reviews:

  • XaaS/SaaS product management trends
  • Product management best practices in the XaaS/SaaS world
  • Top KPIs trending within product management teams pursuing XaaS business models
  • What practices achieve optimal results & more
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Data View

Innovative Environments

This Datapoint looks at how innovation is measured and asks the question: Do you consider your business a learning organization?

Data View

Changing Value Propositions

This report looks at how value propositions are expected to change due to COVID-19.

Research Report

TSIA XaaS Product Management Benchmarking

This report explains the critical role the TSIA XaaS Product Management Benchmark process can play in driving organizational transformation.

Research Report

Strategic Planning for Post-Pandemic Advantage

A look at the long-term viability of post-pandemic pricing and customer engagement actions.

Research Report

XaaS Lifecycle Management

Insights on the technology industry's lifecycle management processes and effectively supporting and fueling the recurring revenue business model.


Products Offers Pricing in a Post COVID 19 World

This TSIA webinar will reveal the impact of COVID-19 on the product industry and outline strategies for future success.

Data View

2020 XaaS Product and Analytics Study - Key Findings

This document reports some of the key findings from the 2020 XaaS Product and Analytics study. 

Research Report

Slides | Portfolio Strategies for the Digital Age

Get data on changing markets, recent opportunistic offer practices, and portfolio investment and lifecycle management practices and explore.


Portfolio Strategies for the Digital Age

As the world evolves to new norms in a post pandemic world, it's time for tech companies to revaluate their actions.


The State of XaaS Product Management 2020

Join us for this 45-minute webinar and learn how your product management organization must transform for success in these uncertain times.

Research Report

The State of XaaS Product Management: 2020

Learn what is trending within product management teams pursuing XaaS models, including optimal practices and critical capabilities.

Research Report

The State of XaaS Product Management: 2020

Learn what is trending within product management teams pursuing XaaS models, including optimal practices and critical capabilities.

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TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in the product management community. Learn more about how born-in-the-cloud companies and those undergoing business model transformation can benefit from case studies and other exclusive TSIA data.

Example conference topics include:

  • Driving XaaS cultural and skills shift
  • Case studies on the business transition journey from license to subscription
  • The role of segmentation in product design
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Meet Our Research Executive

Laura Fay
VP & Managing Director, Offers Research and Advisory

Laura Fay is the vice president & managing director of offers research and advisory for TSIA. Laura is a technology industry veteran with over 30 years of experience driving business growth in the technology industry via leadership roles in product management, general management, product development, and customer success.


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