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TSIA's detailed analysis of the industry has identified a top set of XaaS product management business challenges that we address through our membership program.

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Research Report

The Product Management Value Stream

Operationalizing the value stream for efficiency, visibility, applied predictive and prescriptive insights, and scale.


Product Led Growth Strategy - Key to Unlocking XaaS Profitability

Design an immersive, frictionless and delightful experience across the buyer and customer journey.

Research Report

2018 XaaS Product Management Technology Stack

Top installed products across 16 categories in the product management value stream.

Research Report

2018 Technology Adoption and Spending Report: XaaS Product Management

XaaS product management technology adoption and spending for 2018-2019.


Sustainable Engagement Strategies With Product Management

Discover the sustainable engagement strategies for Product and Services teams to work together to achieve the shared goal of positive net revenue grow

Research Report

The XaaS Product Management Transformation

This report provides recommendations product leaders can pursue to optimize their organizations to manage profitable XaaS offers.

Research Report

Customer Journey Analytics

This report shares research findings and topics covering product analytics and addresses the journey customers take with suppliers.


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Conference highlights include:

  • Driving XaaS cultural and skills shift
  • Case studies on the business transition journey from license to subscription
  • The role of segmentation in product design
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Laura Fay, Product Management Expert

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Laura Fay is TSIA’s vice president of XaaS product management research. She is a technology industry veteran with over 30 years' experience driving business growth in the enterprise software industry via leadership roles in Product Management, General Management, Product Development, and Customer Success.

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