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Laura Fay

VP & Managing Director, Offers Research and Advisory

Laura Fay is the vice president and managing director of offers research and advisory for TSIA. She also serves as TSIA’s vice president of XaaS product management research. Laura is a technology industry veteran with over 30 years' experience driving business growth in the enterprise technology industry via leadership roles in product management, general management, product development, and customer success.

Laura Fay

Laura Fay Talks About XaaS Product Management

XaaS Product Management

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Top XaaS Product Management Advisory Engagements

  • XaaS Business Model Foundations (MBA in a Day)
  • As-a-Service Transformation & Alignment
  • Economic Engines for Profitable XaaS
  • Changing Value Propositions for XaaS
  • Segmentation Strategies for Optimal Offer-Market Fit
  • XaaS Offer Portfolio Design for Scalable Growth
  • Impactful XaaS Pricing Solutions
  • Engineering the Customer Journey in Product
  • Effective Product Management – Customer Success Handshakes
  • KPIs Driving Product Management Behavior
  • Optimal Organizational Design for the XaaS Business

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