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A Message from TSIA’s President and CEO, J.B. Wood

Let’s not fool ourselves: We don’t need empathy, we need political change. We don’t need charity, we need justice. Corporations have to be willing to put their might behind things they care about.

Rashad Robinson, president of the civil rights campaign group Color of Change

Recent events have caused all of us to wonder, “How this could be happening?” It has caused all of us to do some needed soul searching: Do I think or act in a racist way? Do we (TSIA) think or act in a racist way? What about my family? My group of friends? My community? Our government? The truth is that this problem is here and now…and always has been.

I agree with Mr. Robinson completely. Words are not enough. We can and should act as people, a company, and an industry without prejudice. I intend to go further than I ever have to ensure both those statements are true and in practice. It also includes providing support to the movement with our words. But what keeps going around in my head is: Words are not enough. And my personal actions and those of TSIA are not enough.

But what is enough? What action can we take that will really make a difference? At TSIA, we are having that discussion. We have asked every employee to think hard and scan the horizon. We are asking the TSIA Diversity and Inclusion Board to take the lead on consolidating ideas and making a recommendation for action. I encourage all of you to apply your energy and intellect to this and help the tech industry make a real difference.

Despite a huge public outcry right now, I worry that the press coverage and public discourse will soon move on to the next crisis. We are all sad. We are all embarrassed that this is happening. We are all emotionally exhausted. But words and feelings are not enough. What shall we do?

J.B. Wood
President and CEO