Research Report

The Building Blocks of Customer Success

Customer success is all about the activities related to helping your customers achieve their goals through the effective use of your technology.

Whether you sell hardware, software, subscriptions, or services, the best way to secure a solid recurring revenue stream is to ensure that your customers achieve their desired business outcomes.

In this ebook, we focus on how to establish and grow your customer success function to deliver value to your customers.

Here's a peek inside:

  • Part 1: The who, what, when, where, and why of customer success
  • Part 2: Building a customer success funding model
  • Part 3: Four phases of customer success maturity
  • Part 4: How to quantify the impact of your customer success organization

Authored By:

Phil Nanus

VP Research, Customer Success, TSIA

Publish Date: September 5, 2017

TSIA is an oasis in the desert. For years, Mimecast has been searching for an industry analyst and advisory body that has deep domain expertise on customer success and service delivery, and we finally found that in TSIA.

Mark Bilbe, Chief of Customer Operations, Mimecast

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