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Managed Services

Your Resource for Navigating this Economy

With the current economic conditions, companies are talking about cutting costs... but cutting in the wrong places could have long term negative impacts.

Where do you cut back to reduce costs without compromising productivity or profits? And how do you find places where you can actually grow revenue? TSIA can help you with that.

From accelerating the introduction of fully managed cloud and technology XaaS offers to monetizing premium customer success for managed clients, and a whole lot more, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no better time than now to be a TSIA managed services member!

Top Managed Services Challenges

Here’s a look at the top business challenges we’re currently helping our Managed Services members solve:

Create Standard and Repeatable Offers for Managed Services
Create an Executable and Measurable Managed Services Strategy
Define a Managed Services Organizational Structure
Managed Services Relation to XaaS


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Create Standard and Repeatable Offers for MS

How should we build standard MS offerings?

Create an Executable and Measurable MS Strategy

How do we create an executable and measurable MS strategy that also aligns with our product strategy?

Define a MS Organizational Structure

What is the optimal organization structure for a MS business?

MS Relation to XaaS

How do MS offerings relate to cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for MS

What are the key metrics that MS organizations should monitor?

Start a New MS Business

What are the top priorities and actions for starting a new MS practice?

MS Optimal Delivery Structure

What is the optimal delivery structure for MS?

MS Tools and Platforms

What technologies are companies using to support their MS offerings?

MS vs. Professional and Support Services

How does MS relate to traditional service lines such as Professional Services and Support Services?

MS Pricing Methodologies

What are the common practices used for pricing MS offers?

MS Operational Processes

What are key operational processes required to successfully scale a MS business?

MS Go-to-Market Strategies

What are the various go-to-market options for a MS business?

Growing Young MS Businesses

What are the top priorities and actions for growing a young MS practice?

Define Market Focused MS Offers

How do we develop market relevant MS offers for technology solutions?

Best Practices for Managing Base Client Revenue Contracts and CSATs

What are the best practices for managing base client revenue, contracts, and customer satisfaction (CSAT)?


TSIA Can Help

TSIA has identified capabilities that Managed Services organizations can implement to drive compelling results around
revenue growth, profit contribution, and revenue retention.

Experience Our Managed Services Research

Get a glimpse into our vault of board-ready data insight, thought leadership, best practices and
trends in managed services.

TSIA’s Managed Services research is backed by over one million data points, and covers topics like managed services offers, pricing,
key metrics and KPIs, tools and platforms, organizational models, and more.


Managed Services Best Practices for the Pandemic and Beyond

Learn how managed services organizations are successfully adapting and succeeding during this pandemic and beyond.

Research Report

TSIA Managed Services Benchmarking

This report explains the critical role the TSIA Managed Services Benchmark process can play in driving organizational transformation.

Research Report

The Top 8 Managed Services Metrics to Measure - Abridged Version

An abridged version of a TSIA report that captures the critical financial KPIs that must be measured in managed services and how they are calculated.

Research Report

The Top 8 Managed Services Metrics to Measure

An abridged version of a TSIA report that captures the critical financial KPIs that must be measured in managed services and how they are calculated.

Data View

Investing in AIOps

Data regarding the emerging trend of the implementation of artificial intelligence operations by service delivery teams.


Managed Services Retooling Making the Most of Your COVID 19 Pitstop

Join us to learn six capabilities for retooling your Managed Services organization.

Research Report

The Rise of AIOps

This paper focuses on seven emerging service delivery capabilities that companies must invest in and build out starting this year.

Research Report

Slides | The Impact of COVID19 on Managed Services

Get data from TSIA's Rapid Research Response Initiative which reveals the impact of COVID-19 on Managed Services Organizations.


Managed Services | The Impact of COVID-19 on Managed Services

The value proposition of Managed Services has been built on the back of transferring risk and complexity to trusted third party providers. In these . . .


The Impact of COVID19 on Managed Services 1

Learn the core capabilities Managed Services providers rely on to survive and thrive during this crisis.

Research Report

The State of Managed Services: 2020

Annual report documenting major trends and disruptions in managed services for 2020, with a focus on the global pandemic.


Managed Services - The Beating Heart of Transformation

Let’s explore why Managed Services is flourishing and how to develop the core set of MS capabilities to service subscription-based relationships.


Attend a TSIA Conference

TSIA conferences offer extensive insight and actionable takeaways for those in the managed services community. You’ll find sessions focused on:

  • Evolving your economic engine from product to managed services
  • Keys to successfully growing managed services: What has worked for you?
  • Next-generation automation in the delivery of managed services
George Humphrey speaking at TSW

Experience Our Community

Join our community of managed services leaders.

Meet Our Managed Services Research Executives

This team of expert research executives heads up our managed services research practice.

Managed Services Advisory Board

This elite group of professionals advises TSIA on how to best deliver relevant programs, research, and events to members.


Marty Grosh
VP, Service Solutions

Digital Hands

Charlotte Baker

NTT, Ltd.

Dilip Kumar
EVP, Services Transformation

Cisco Systems

Shaina Tamburr
Senior Director, Excellence and Standardization


TSIA Member Outcomes

Achieving more effective service delivery at a lower cost.

See the impact TSIA is making on the tech industry by helping Managed Services organizations improve their performance.